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Does shared custody benefit your child?

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2020 | Child Custody |

Divorcing Florida parents like you continue to want what is best for your child or children. When going through divorce, it can feel like there is very little you can do to provide this to your children. While it is hard to do, it is not impossible. 

Choosing the right time-sharing plan to share custody is one way to mitigate the damages. In most cases, this means taking a serious look at the possibility of entering into a time sharing plan that shares the physical custody of your children.

The mental impact of shared custody

Divorce Magazine discusses some of the benefits associated with sharing custody. Many studies around the world have shown that there are numerous benefits to sharing custody as opposed to having sole custody. 

First, the children of joint custody seem to fare better than children of sole custody. They suffer from fewer instances of depression and anxiety. They also act out less often and have fewer run-ins with authority figures. They tend to get along with classmates and peers better too, and form connections with greater ease. 

Achieving stability with shared custody

Shared custody provides children with a greater sense of stability. They do not have to worry about “losing” a parent, even if the dynamic within your family will still change. You can both reassure your child that you will be here for them to provide love and support. 

To this end, it helps if you and your co-parent can work together well, too. Needless to say, this is not always possible in a divorce scenario. But you can take steps to avoid making confrontations or disagreements public affairs. Seeing a counselor who specializes in co-parenting may help you reach this goal.