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What does Florida consider when awarding alimony?

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2020 | Alimony And Support |

A Florida divorce will impact many areas of your life.  Your finances are no exception. You may strive to maintain the same quality of life you enjoyed while married when you and your partner part ways.  You may want to pursue alimony to help make that happen. 

Per the Florida Legislature, the state assesses whether you need alimony or spousal maintenance by reviewing a  set of standards. If the court determines that you should receive alimony, it will refer to these factors when deciding what type of alimony, the payment amount  the how many payments should be awarded to you. What are some of the variables the state  court considers when making decisions about alimony? 

The length of your marriage

While exceptions exist, the longer your marriage lasted, the better your chances of receiving alimony. Florida considers marriages that last less than seven years to be short-term marriages, while those between seven and seventeen years are moderate-term marriages, and those lasting longer than 17 years are long-term marriages. 

Your contributions during the marriage

You can expect state courts to also consider how much you put into the marriage or gave up for the marriage when making decisions about spousal maintenance. If you performed the majority of the child-rearing so your spouse could excel professionally, this may boost your chances of an alimony award. 

Your financial resources and those of your partner

Florida courts may also consider your partner’s ability to pay you alimony as well as whether you have a genuine need for alimony or support when making a determination. Your education and  earning potential and that of your partner may factor into the mix.