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Domestic Violence Tampa FL Lawyer

Last updated on August 23, 2023

Tampa Bay Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence accusations are taken very seriously in Florida. Actual physical contact doesn’t need to take place for a person to be charged with domestic violence. According to Florida law, “the fear of imminent bodily harm” is enough for an alleged victim to request a temporary restraining order and a person to face domestic violence charges. Once a temporary restraining order is issued, the accused can be removed from the home and denied access until a hearing can be held on the matter.

Both the accuser and the accused have rights in these situations. No matter which side of the case you are on, be sure that you have a lawyer with experience in domestic violence cases that can protect your interests. At the Law Offices of Roberta Kohn, P.A., we have extensive experience representing clients on both sides of domestic violence disputes. Our office is located in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

Tenacious Protection Of Your Rights

Many claims of domestic violence have merit and we fight aggressively to protect our clients’ safety when they are in danger. Sadly, we find that just as many claims have no merit at all and are simply made to harm the reputation of the accused or to gain an advantage in a divorce proceeding. In these cases, we will do everything we can to expose the false allegations for the lies that they are and work tirelessly to preserve your good name.

Attorney Roberta Kohn has over 30 years of experience as an attorney, including several years prosecuting criminal cases. She has handled numerous domestic violence cases from both sides of the aisle. Her broad experience in these matters gives her a keen insight into the strategy the other side is likely to use and allows her to be much more proactive in building a strong case on your behalf.

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